allow me to re-introduce myself

photo by   J.Q. LouisE

photo by J.Q. LouisE

my name is daeeeeeeeeeeeeee! d to the a -e.

hello and welcome new friends! my name is daena jeanne and i’m a boston-based blogger/influencer/fitnesser/foodie/whatever else you want to call me. i post my lifestyle on here and you’ll notice that it’s mainly working out and eating. #balance!

to my old friends! ok, hi. time flies, huh? it’s been over a year since i've been on here. a lot has happened since i ran the nyc marathon in 2017! but no, seriously, where did time go?!

let me give you a quick recap of my 2018.

i started 2 new jobs at the end of 2017 into 2018 which kept me busy. like insanely busy. i fell more in love with brian and we kind of got married over the summer. i’ll write a separate blog on that and slap you with a ton of pics and info on how it happened.

what else?

i almost lost my parents to a drunk driver. thank all the gods that they’re fine!

i gained some lbs. my doctor asked what caused it and i said, “love!” I'm not going to lie, i got too comfortable to the point where i'm almost hulk status with most of my clothes. not cute. but hey, more content for me to share with you all as i go through yet another fitness journey.

anyway, just wanted to check in with you guys! i’ll start keeping up with my page again so stay tuned!

xx, d