welcome to my page! my real name is daena (day-nuh) jeanne, baddie dae is just a nickname. i was born in the philippines and my parents and i migrated here to good 'ol america in '99! i currently live in boston with my insanely sweet boyfriend, brian aka gu. fun fact: we met on tinder!

i'm just your late 20-something lady who blogs about fitness, food and my personal style. i dress men full time and started my blog as a part time project for myself and to share things that i'm passionate about to everyone. I recently relaunched my all girls run crew called sundae brunch society. we run hills every sunday mornings because what better way to suffer through hills than with a bunch of uber positive women?! all paces welcome, so come run with us!

thanks for stopping by and please feel free to reach out to say hey or for any feedback.