Daena Jeanne is a workout junkie, stylish lady and major foodie all wrapped up in one. With 2 marathons and numerous half marathons under her belt, she loves to share her fitness journey with a wide range of international audience. Having worked in the retail industry her whole life, she enjoys sharing to everyone looks that will never go out of style. With a big appetite and appreciation for food, Daena Jeanne explores must go-to restaurants in the greater Boston area to indulge enjoy different kinds of food and cocktails the city has to offer.  


Baddie Dae is an all around lifestyle blog that Daena Jeanne hopes everyone can relate to. After all, there's always that one person that needs motivation to get off the couch and torch some calories, that lady that needs an outfit inspiration for a first date and that gentleman that's been dying to check out the newest restaurant but would want to read more buzz about it. Daena Jeanne is always getting her workouts in early in the morning and dressed and ready to eat after.