10 ways to sneak in workouts during the day

hey friends,

i hope everyone's having a fantastic week so far! i'm on my 4th day of my "boiled egg diet" and so far so good! i stay hydrated to keep my tummy full or would have some kind of juice in between meals so i'm not starving! mother juice is around the corner from my job, so at least i'm keeping it fresh and healthy. anywho, i wanted to share with you all little things i do through out the day that can kill calories and are low-key exercises: 


1. rise and grind

every morning as soon i wake up, i stretch my legs and kick them around like i'm making a snow angel. this is while i'm still laying down. it's kind of weird but it really stretches out my legs, especially my calves. i get out of bed and do 25 squats, 25 crunches and 25 push-ups just to jump start the day.


 photo by:   josh campbell

photo by: josh campbell

2. turn commuting into a workout

walk, run, or bike to work. i've run to work before and it's pretty much killing two birds with one stone. if you have access to a shower once you get to work, rather than taking the t or driving, why not run so that way you're done with your workout for the day. make sure you pack everything you need. i once forgot to pack deodorant and i was paranoid all day. good thing there was a cvs next door! 


3. crunch break

utilize your lunch break as time to workout. if you have an hour for lunch, follow a 30-minute hiit routine and get moving. better yet, if there's a gym near by, most gyms have 30-minute classes around lunch time. take 15 minutes to freshen up and the next 15 minutes to eat. i don't suggest eating before working out. you wouldn't want to see your lunch all over the floor.


 photo by:    peter kulka

photo by: peter kulka

4. hit the stairs

skip the escalator or elevator and use the stairs! it's as easy as that. if you're from around the boston area, you'd know how much of a biotch the stairs are inside the harvard square station. on days when i have to take the t home, i force myself to take the stairs instead of the escalators. trust me, it'll help build that booty!


5. stand up

i work retail so i'm always on my feet. i walk around more because of it. if you're in an office, i suggest standing up every ten minutes and pace around when you have a phone call or something just to keep the blood flowing on your legs.


6. park far

unless it's raining or frigid out, i usually park half way or on the last spot of whatever store i go to. i consider it a pre-game before i start shopping or time to go through my shopping list and see what i really need.


 photo by:    toby scott

photo by: toby scott

7. do some grocery shopping

pushing the shopping cart or carrying a basket works your upper bod. walking up and down the aisle is cardio. i guess those shirts that says, "shopping is my cardio" is 100% true. carrying your groceries up the stairs to your apartment is extra credit!


 photo by: me, serviced by     holiday clean     ing services

photo by: me, serviced by holiday cleaning services

8. clean/reorganize your home or office

i don't know about you guys but i legit break a sweat every time i clean our apartment. brian and i's apartment is pretty spacious, so i get a good arm workout when i swiffer our floors. sick of how your furniture are set-up? start reorganizing! moving furniture around requires strength, so get going! 


9. laugh

laughing burns calories, so starting laughing your way slim! not only does laughing contract your abs but it will also make your mood 10x better! like they said, "laughter is the best medicine."


 photo found on pinterest by    design the passion

photo found on pinterest by design the passion

10. make whoopie!

it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that getting intimate can get one worked up. between the heart rising, sweating, kissing, studies have shown that "making whoopie" can burn up to 200 calories per 30-minute sesh!


there you have it, friends! a few of my fave things to do that are low-key workout sesh. hopefully i gave you some ideas and you can put them to action!