An Update On My Journey to Boston

"How's training going?"

"What's your longest run this weekend?"

"How's your diet been?"

"How's fundraising?"

"Are you excited to run?"


These are some of the questions I've been getting asked lately. Honestly, the whole experience so far has been nothing but stressful. Like really, really STRESSFUL. I decided to join in on all the fun with only 12 weeks away from race day. I was determined and ready to raise $7500 and run 26.2 miles. Quite frankly, the stress of fundraising didn't really kick in until the day after and that was when I started to freak the eff out! I couldn't sleep for a few nights following that. Thinking about it ruins my day. I would get cranky towards everyone around me and I would pretty much turn into a Gremlin, that's just not cute at all! With only 28 days away and $4,280.00 away from my goal of $7,500.00, it's safe to say that stress level went from 100 to 1000 and I'm not even trying to be funny.

Everyone tells me that my followers on Instagram got my back. Easy for others to say, right? The truth is that no one wants to give their hard-earned moolah away to just anyone. I've been putting together fundraising events and it's even hard to get people to come to those events. So I can't expect people to just give me $10 without knowing me on a personal level. Granted, all of my fundraisers have been workout events, but people pay money to take fitness classes anyway so why not go to a charity class? 

I'm really just all over the place right now. Let's chat training and diet - I barely ran last week. Actually, who am I kidding?! I didn't run at all. I've missed 2 long runs already and I've been eating everything in sight. Literally have been on a see-food diet. I never understood when people say that they eat when they're stressed out. But now I do because that's all I've been doing! I've never been this stressed out in my entire life.

I'm pretty much over it. I apologize for sounding like a baby and negative Nancy but this experience is supposed to fun and woo hoo we're raising money and running for the children of UNICEF. But the honest truth about all of this has put a damper on my life. Every night, I lay in bed, while Brian falls into his deep slumber, thinking about where the eff am I going to get $4280.00! There hasn't been a day where I don't say out loud that I regret doing this and that I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER fund raise EVER again! But surely, I'm not going to give up now because then I'll definitely be a sore loser. From what friends have told me, the feeling after running Boston is like no other and I definitely want to feel that feeling. I'm not worried about my time because I will cross that finish line even if it takes me 6 hours! Again, I'm worried about not hitting my fundraising goal.

Running for UNICEF has a little extra space in my heart because they really emphasize on helping children and mothers in third world countries such as the Philippines, where I was originally born and raised until I was 11. There's a fun fact for ya!

OK, snapping out of it! Obviously, I have to really get serious with training with the little time I have left and to just hustle hard to get that money, honey! I have 2 more fundraising events coming if anyone's interested in joining:


Charity Ride at B/Spoke Studios on Federal Street, March 25th at 2PM

Click here to sign up

Train360 at Everybody Fights FiDi on Federal Street, April 1st at 12PM

Click here to sign up


Thank you, friends, for taking your time to read through my bitching! I promise that nothing but happy and positive thoughts from now until race day. And please please donate and help your girl out by clicking here!