baddie gets broncored

looking for a killer workout and truly have fun at the same time? well look no further, rockstar, bron is here to save the day! founder and creator of the fitness brand, broncore fitness, bron has created one of the best bootcamp classes in boston. no offense to other bootcamps, but i genuinely love bron's classes. i'm going to be honest based on past experiences, many trainers can be tools whereas bron is just a really nice guy who's high off of life and loves his job and you can tell so! 

every tuesday this summer, he'll be holding an outdoor bootcamp right in the heart of government center. brian and i went this past tuesday after that random 10 minute hurricane we experienced in boston. bron said rain or shine, so we were there like swimwear. luckily, the hurricane stopped with just 15 minutes before the class started.

granted i pretty much did 2 workouts before his bootcamp class, ran in the am and paddle boarded mid day , but i was sore the next day. his tuesday class is a 45-minute workout that consists of a warm-up, 2 circuit workouts with 3 different workouts per circuit and a cool down. he's very motivating and his crowd's pretty chill as well. no intimidation what so ever. after all, we're all there to make working out as fun as possible.

bron offers other bootcamp series. for more info and to sign up for any of his classes, go to his website at and start getting your sweat on!