baddie runs boston marathon '17

 photo by    josh campbell

photo by josh campbell

hi friends,

what a weekend, huh?! i kind of did something crazy friday night! i was given the opportunity to run this year's boston marathon so i decided to say eff it and do it! with this said, it was the perfect time to transition from my "hard boiled egg diet." i lost 12lbs in less than 2 weeks! now it's time to carb up! 


here's the spiel:

wrapping up at work on friday night, i received a missed call from my friend jarick. he normally texts me so i figured he must've butt dialed me by accident. i called him back and that was when he asked if i would be interested in running the boston marathon this year for unicef. *GULP* and a long pause from my end once he asked. so many things were going through my mind. you guys, this is the mecca of all marathons! i originally had told me that i'd think it over the weekend, but decided to just do it! i'll never run the qualifying time and this is a great opportunity to run my city and for an amazing charity! shortly after i've made the decision, i received an e-mail from shanell, also a friend who works for unicef, welcoming me to the unicef team! i need to get in my training game asap and also need to raise a lot of money for the kids!


 photo by    josh campbell

photo by josh campbell

the plan:

i have exactly 12 weeks to get my lazy a** into running shape! i plan on running 4 times a week and incorporating weight training and yoga as well as hill runs... lots of hill runs! i don't plan on dying on heartbreak hill! 

monday: off/yoga

tuesday: 4-6 mile run

wednesday: weights

thursday: 5-7 mile run

friday: weights

saturday: 3-6 mile run with core workouts

sunday: long run with 3 miles of hills


raising money:

i need to raise $7500 in 12 weeks! to be honest, i'm kind of freaking the eff out right now. i honestly could not sleep friday night because so many things were going through my mind: how the hell am i going to run 26.2 miles when i've barely been running? where am i going to get $7500 in 12 weeks? more importantly, what am i going to wear come race day? (#hadto :P)

i've been brainstorming all weekend and been getting in contact with friends in the fitness industry to see if we can do charity classes. i also have about 20 aunts and uncles and more than 30 cousins to force them to give me money! "help me! i'm poor!" - kristen wiig in bridesmaids. 


goals and expectations:

the main goal is to make sure i raise the money for the children! also, to acquire that infamous unicorn medal. since i'll be running more, i'm expecting to shed a good amount of lbs! i'm not trying to pr or finish at a certain time. homegirl's just trying to finish one of the, if not the, hardest marathon of all marathons!


i'll be keeping you guys updated throughout my journey, so please stick around! thanks a mill for all of your support! if you'd like to donate, please click here