baddie runs nyc

Welp, it's offish I'm running the New York Marathon this year! Talk about a major #YOLO moment, am I right?! I did Chicago in 2015 and had a major break from running after that. I did Boston, which was a force to get myself back into running. So now, New York seems like the next step. To be honest, I feel like running Boston gave me a the itch to start loving to run again! Word on the street too is that New York has the best crowd ever. I can see it and absolutely cannot wait! 

Over the weekend, I texted Shanell, a friend who works for UNICEF and got me the hook ups to run Boston, and told her that I'm interested in running NY and voila! I will be running for UNICEF yet again, however, fundraising won't be as steep as Boston. I need to raise $3500 in 6 months, which is totes doable but I will need your help! I'm already working on putting together fundraising events just to get it out of the way! I will train 100% and make sure I don't slack. My weekends this Summer will be non existent, and I'm okay with that! This ought a help me get my sexy back!

Believe it or not, I'm actually really, really, really excited about this race. I feel as though it's because it won't be as stressful as my experience with Boston. I will have more than enough time to raise money and train properly. I'm jumping in this with an uber positive vibes and looking forward to helping more children around the world! 

Well gang, let's do this! Here's to another marathon...