Bag Check!

First things first, I used to hate backpacks! I'm still kind of 50/50 when it comes to them since I just feel like they're for guys to rock. Of course, now a days, they come in cool and sleek designs, 100 miles away from those bulky LL Bean backpacks they used to/still make where you can embroider your initials. I'm always in activewear and always on the go so carrying a tote bag can sometimes be annoying. Although chic and very girly, they just don't work for me. It throws off my balance and Iโ€™m often hitting people with it accidentally when I'm walking down the street, since I'm always rushing! So I decided to purchase the Nike Vapor Lite running backpack. It's really light and fits more than enough items I tend shove in it. Also, I can run with it and it doesn't bother me at all!

Oh, did you say you're curious to know what I carry in my backpack?! Well, heck! Today is your lucky day! I've listed my on-the-go essentials:

1. Baby wipes- Yes, BABY wipes! Preferably Huggies, thanks! Wet Ones are too small and smell like bathroom cleaning wipes. Huggies make me feel like a baby. So usually after a run where I'm always SWEATY to the max, I wipe myself with baby wipes!

2. Spare sports bra + top- Long sleeves during the cold season and a tank top during the summer. Again, I sweat like cray after a run/workout that my bra and top are always drenched. An extra of each is a must post baby wiping sweaty self!

3. Lotion- I'm always lubing my hands, legs, and elbows. Ask my pacer team! I'm always asking them for lotion whenever I forget to bring mine. I hate being ashy!

4. Deodorant- Come on! No one wants to smell all the hard work I've done... I don't even want to smell it myself! So I just reapply, if needed.

5. Socks- I mean, do I need to explain? Moist, sweaty, post 6+ mile run feet need a fresh pair of socks.

6. Dry shampoo- Sometimes I don't have time to wash my greasy hair. Dry shampoo has become my best friend! I apply it on days where my mane looks like someone wiped their greasy hands from eating french fries on it. Not that that would ever happen, but just giving you an example!

7. Carmex- I hate having chappy ass lips!

8. Hair accessories- Headbands and elastics for when shit's about to go down! Also, to tame my unlimited supply of baby hair and to either pony up or bun up my thick mane.

9. Water bottle- I'm always drinking water, hence why I pee 84x a day.

10. Snack- I'm always hungry so I usually have a bag of 100 calorie almonds or some kind of bar like Luna Peppermint Stick. 

Let's hashtag these as #baddiebagnecessities! I don't think I'm forgetting anything. If I am, oh well! These are definitely my must-haves in my backpack! What do you carry in your bag?