barre so hard

I met up with my new pal Elise this morning to hit the barre at 9am at Equinox on Avery Street. Barre, folks, not bar! Believe me, I wish it was bar. Never too early for a glass of rosé! Anyways, I've taken barre classes a couple of times prior to this. The first time I ever took a class was about 2 years ago. The second time was last year. Do you see a pattern here? Barre pretty much once a year. If you guys don't know by now, based on photos I post on Instagram, I prefer high intensity workouts - running, boxing, plyometric training, etc. Anything that will leave me drenched with sweat after the workout! For those who don't know or have never taken a barre class before,  it's pretty much a ballet inspired workout using the railing used by ballet dancers when they practice. 

Today's class was taught by Elle. I have to say, I enjoyed today's class very much. She was very gracious and would approach every one of her students and correct their forms and such. She did come to me a lot, which was totally fine. After all, I don't barre often and haven't done this in a year. I liked how personable she was without being intimidating unlike other trainers out there. 

The first 15 minutes of the class consisted of workouts on the barre. Lunges, squats, pliés, glute kickbacks and lots and lot of pulsing! Next half hour or so was on the mat where we did some strength upper body workouts with baby weights. Again, lots of pulsing when rowing, shoulder presses, tricep kickbacks, to name a few. We also did planks and push-ups while squeezing this light, squishy ball between our legs. Then more body weight exercises and finished off the class with a 3 minute ab workout back on the barre doing different kinds of crunches while holding onto yoga straps that we strapped on the barre.

To me, barre is pretty much a mix of yoga, pilates with a sprinkle of weight training. Was it hard? Um, YES! Elle even gave me props for using 3 pound weights, saying I was brave for using "heavier" weights to her first class and I did well. Not only was she great, but the music she played was current and went well with how she teaches. I've worked out muscles I never even knew existed. I wasn't sore when I left class, but I'm starting to feel soreness now while I'm writing this blog. The studio was clean, organized and bright. I will definitely take her class again and give Elle's class 5 stars for sure!

 Photo by    Elise Fletcher

With this Equinox location being inside the Ritz, they have an amazing rooftop view of the Boston Common. Of course I had to drag Elise to take me to the rooftop so I can force her to take pictures of me! If I were to rate the overall vibe I got from this Equinox location, I would give it a 2.5 stars. Mostly everyone, including the trainers, I walked by were snobby and had permanent resting bitch faces. I get it's because of its location and mainly people with money are the ones to come here. Will I ever join here? No. Will I take a class here again? Absolutely! 

Until next time, gang!