#bbg: day 1

alright, friends, i've finally jumped on the basic betch bandwagon with the #bbg workout. holy crap, talk about making me feel wicked out of shape! i haven't sweat that much doing weight training in a while. i was literally drenched after the first 7 minutes. many of you might have tried bbg already, for the ones who are not familiar with the program, bbg stands for bikini body guide. created by kayla itsines, bbg is a 12-week workout program with resistance, cardio and stretching that's designed to tone the bod.


i've decided to mix the program with running to have a balance with cardio and strength training. the program consists of 2 rounds of 2 different circuits and each round has 4 different workouts. you have 7 minutes to complete 1 round  (with 4 different workouts) and then you get a rest between 30-90 seconds then carry onto the 2nd round with a different set of workouts. you repeat round 1 & 2 twice, which totalling the whole workout to 28 minutes, not including the breaks. 


day 1 was legs and cardio. circuit one included jump squats, squats, walking lunges and knee ups. circuit two had x-jumps, burpees, weighted step-ups, medicine ball squat and press. safe to say i'm sore af right now. it looks so much easier on paper than when you actually do the workouts. it also didn't help that i ran hills on sunday.

 sweaty celfie. you can't tell because of my black top, but i was drenched to death. 

sweaty celfie. you can't tell because of my black top, but i was drenched to death. 


also, everyone knows that diet is a huge part of training. i've been eating better and having smaller portions, granted it has only been a day and a half but i have been feeling so much better and lighter. one of the gals i follow on instagram, @sarahfit, said "eat less, sweat more!" that's the goal!


will definitely keep you updated on my experience with #bbg. until next time, gang!