Being in a Relationship with Someone Who is Fit

I love being with my boyfriend, Brian aka "Gu." One of the main things I admire about him is the fact that he's fit. He goes to the gym six times a week and is really serious when it comes to his appearance. The best part though, is that he's not your typical DB meathead that juices and claims they don't. I've listed 5 of my favorite things about being in a relationship with a fit muffin:


1. Workout Buddies

Let me be honest with you, I get lazy... often. And there are (a lot) of days when I just want to sleep in or lay in bed and watch HGTV all day. Brian usually hits the gym at 7 in the morning. Yes, I said morning. Although that's not actually that early, it's still early for me. But, thanks to him, I’m forced to get my ass up out of bed so we can workout together, which really helps my lazy bum out A LOT! And, of course, once the workout session is done, I (99% of the time) am glad that he didn't let me sleep in. Also, I love the fact that he comes to my NRC sessions to support me. He was never really a runner, but he's actually super fast and the fact that he started running more because of me makes me all gooey inside! I love that we motivate each other.

 Photo by Alfonso Anzaldi

Photo by Alfonso Anzaldi


2. He cooks... HEALTHY meals!

Many of you probably know me from the Gram, so I'm sure that you all have seen my #baddiebites posts. Yes, they look delicious and heavenly, but many of my #baddiebites are so not healthy for me, or anyone for that matter. Kane's Donuts are totally to die for and MaryLou's coffee drinks are just oh-so-divine, but the amount of sugar and calories in them are just a total no no! Luckily for me, Gu can cook! And he knows how to make a meal that won’t have me regretting what I ate after. It can be the simplest item of food and he can turn into something gourmet, like it came straight out of a Parisian cafe on Beacon Hill, but healthier. He watches what he eats, which inspires me to do so also. We started meal prepping for the week, and chicken and turkey have become our best friends. Thanks to him, I've definitely been eating less donuts and cupcakes and have been going for more veggies.


3. zZzs

SLEEP! Who doesn't like to sleep?! Being active makes you sleep like a baby at night. Ever since I started dating Gu, I've for sure been getting 8 hours or more of sleep every night. I don't know if it's because we're getting old, but I'm not complaining. I'd rather sleep at 8pm than go out and be reckless 'til 2 in the morning!


4. Less Alcohol

Ever since I started running more, I’ve totally cut down on the alcohol a lot. I even stopped drinking for 3 months when I was training for the Chicago Marathon last October 2015. During the time I wasn't drinking, Brian decided to join me and we lived a straight edge lifestyle. Even now when we go out, we'll have 2 or 3 drinks at most. Having a hangover the next day after having too much LQ isn't even worth it! 


5. He's Not Stressed Out, So He Doesn't Stress Me Out

One of the great perks of staying active is that it truly becomes a stress reliever. I absolutely go out for a run to clear my mind if I'm upset about something (or for any kind of emotion, really), otherwise I'll be cranky, and you do not want to experience me cranky! Gu hates skipping a day from working out. To me, six days is a lot. But, if that makes him happy, then who am I to tell him how many days he should work out? At least he makes sure he gets it in first thing in the morning to jump-start his day and be in a better mood (and to have more time to spend watching HGTV later on with me).

 Photo by Alfonso Anzaldi

Photo by Alfonso Anzaldi


And there you have it, folks: my favorite things about dating someone else who cares about fitness. Now go find yourself a fit muffin, do active stuff together and live happily every after!