boston marathon training: week 2

 photo by    josh campbell

photo by josh campbell

hey friends,

how's it going?! it's been such a stressful week for me. i've been low-key freaking out about fundraising, to the point where i couldn't sleep for the first couple of nights after i decided to do this. i reached out to my family, friends, people i work with to donate and so far we have raised $1165 in just one week! i hate asking people for money but the way i look at it is that the money isn't for me, it's for the children around the world. aside from fundraising and training, (going to get a little personal here) my mother has been in the hospital. so you guys can only imagine my stress level at this point. i just keep saying to myself, "positive vibes, positive vibes!"

let's chat training - week one is done! (happy dance*) yesterday was my first long run, 9 miles to be exact, and to be honest, i felt quite fantastic! i barely stopped to take a breather, not bad for someone who hasn't ran more than 4 miles in a few months! i ran from my apartment in allston to the hospital to see mama. i got a little emotional during my run because i'm such a baby! different kinds of feels were coming from all over the place; the excitement of training again and actually enjoying the run, my mama and raising money for unicef. there's nothing cute about crying and running at the same time.

as far as my diet, believe it or not, i've been watching what i eat more. less sweets and greasy stuff. carbs for dinner on nights prior to days when i have to run. more salads and veggies and lean protein. more importantly, staying hydrated throughout the day!


i'm ready to crush week 2 and i wanted to share what my plan looks like:

monday: off

tuesday: 5 miles

wednesday: weights

thursday: 6 miles

friday: weights

saturday: 4 miles + core workout

sunday: 13 miles


i'll talk to you guys next week and please please donate! you can CLICK HERE or there's a link on top of this page! thank you!