Everybody Fights at RTP

Lately, it has been so hard for me to get out of bed in the morning if I don't get exactly 8 hours of zZzs or more. The first time I was invited to take an Everybody Fights class with Kelly on the Roof Top Pool at the Colonnade Hotel, I slept through my alarm clock. I was able to finally get my ass up out of bed yesterday morning and made it!

Located on the 11th floor of the hotel, their outdoor pool area gives you an amazing view of the Prudential Center building and the Christian Science church. I think anything on a roof deck will get people hyped, I know I was excited to do a class from one of my favorite studios out of their roof top.

Kelly taught an hour long class of shadow boxing, along with body weight circuit workouts. It's safe to say that I was super sweaty post class. Her energy was fantastic and needed for an early morning class to wake me up! For an extra $10, you are able to hang out poolside after and soak up the sun. A few of the girls jumped in right after the class. If I didn't have work, I for sure would have jumped in with them as well.

The Colonnade Hotel is located at 120 Huntington Ave. in the Back Bay area of Boston. They offer an Everybody Fights class on Tuesday mornings at 6:45AM until early September. Click here to sign up!