finding motivation

finding motivation is tough. the last thing i want to do after a long day at work is to go to the gym or out for a run. luckily, i have brian to drag me out of bed every morning and it's become our routine to workout before work. another reason that gets me to workout, and this is going to make me sound super materialistic but whatever, is new gear. i haven't been buying as much new workout outfits as i used to. believe me when i tell you, i have MORE THAN ENOUGH!

i sweat so much that i want to at least look cute doing so. my recent obsession is tracksmith. i love the vintage look to their apparels. very classic and it works perfect with my sweaty probs. brian and i woke up early this morning to test drive my new outfit and to run with the sunrise. it was a bit nippy, but perfect running weather. obviously i had to have him take some shots!

we then hit the gym and i had no complaints about my new gear. i love how the tank is long enough so my flabs (not abs) wouldn't show when i do crazy plyometric workouts. the side slit on the shorts made my run effortless! well, i suppose it's safe to say that they'll be taking a good portion of my check every week! 

'til next time gang! ta ta for now! 

 photos shot by:    brian antonelli     top:    tracksmith    shorts:    tracksmith  

photos shot by: brian antonelli

top: tracksmith shorts: tracksmith