Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like "Baddie"

If you read my first blog post, then you know by now that I never really ran as much I do now. I was more into lifting things up and putting them down (Arnold Schwarzenegger voice). Then I got the running bug and started running at least 100 miles a month. Of course once the holidays came around, I got lazy and gained weight, but I am now currently and officially back into psychotic mode for my workouts. I've also realized that balancing everything out is good! So with months and months of trial and error, I feel as though I am now in a happy place when it comes to my eating habits and my workouts.

Over this past spring, I stumbled upon The Club by George Foreman III (a.k.a. Everybody Fights, EBF, for short) on Class Pass. As soon as I walked in the door and saw the facility, I fell in love. The gym has a warehouse-y vibe yet is modern and super clean! Everyone there is super friendly and the instructors are great! The classes are always a great workout, which made sense since they received Best Gym in Boston according to Boston Magazine.

A couple of months ago, I signed up at a local gym, GymIt, near the bae's house since I've been staying with him more lately. The gym is also clean and has an open concept with all the equipment I need. Within a few weeks of signing up, I found out that my gym teamed up with Everybody Fights and I was beyond excited. They transformed a section in the corner of GymIt into a miniature version of The Club with 35 brand new boxing bags, a garage door, and graffiti on the walls!

Here are a few reasons why boxing has benefited and continues to benefit my workouts:

1. Full-body, high-intensity workout

Fast movements equal more fat and calories torched. Granted, I never really count calories, but I don't mind frying fat in my body. You're constantly on the move, punching the bag with different combinations so it's also improving agility, balance, and coordination. It's also a great aid to weight-loss.

2. Upper-body cardio

I run a good amount so boxing is the perfect cross training exercise for a runner since most of the movements are from the torso and up. Not to mention, those bags can get pretty heavy so that's strength training.

 Side by side with future pro   Suga Shane

Side by side with future pro Suga Shane

3. ABS

3 letters that we're all dying to have. With constant hip rotations and powerful punches, a flat tummy and killer obliques are totally attainable.

 You all know that I'm not flexible AT ALL!

You all know that I'm not flexible AT ALL!

 When in doubt, plank it out!

When in doubt, plank it out!

4. Self-defense skills

Let's face it, there are a lot of psychos out there that are just attacking people left and right for their own enjoyment. Well, if you know the proper way to jab, jab, hook, upper cut, and body shot, then they'll have nothing on you!



5. Stress reliever

Stressed out? Why not punch bags since punching people is frowned upon. Hitting some leather will let go of the tension that's accumulated in your system and it will also help you get sexy!

 So fast that you won't see my punches coming! HAHA!

So fast that you won't see my punches coming! HAHA!

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Until next blog post, ta ta for now!