good vibes only

 Photo shot by  Amy Lynn  at  Recycle Studio

Photo shot by Amy Lynn at Recycle Studio

Good vibes. I've noticed that there's not much of this going around. Quite frankly, I just don't get why not. It's as if no one wants to see you win! So many fakes and haters out there that they will try and try to kill your positive energy with all their negativities. As a female, and I know for a fact that others can agree, it's even harder to get good vibes from other females. So many females are catty and petty. Let's try growing up, shall we?

I believe that comparing yourself to others will only break you, physically and mentally. So does insecurities. You're not doing things to make yourself better but to be able to compare yourself with that girl you're comparing yourself to. To make sure that you have an 8 pack since she has a 6 pack. Or to try to be cuter than she is. Girls (not ladies) would talk so much shit about you to others so they can feel better about themselves. It's all so silly to me.

Another thing I cannot stand, FAKE ASS BEES KNEES! Come on! What's the point of being fake? Really though, I don't get it! If you don't like someone, then don't involve yourself with that person. I've been around fake people and seeing how they unfold and act super "friendly" to people they've talked shit about makes me gag. It's really disgusting. Sorry if I'm going on a rant here but I'm just keeping it real!

I really think we all have our time to shine. I have major respect to folks who are doing their things and getting recognition for their hard work. One key thing to having good vibes is to surround yourself with people who will support anything you do. Be around people with positive energy. Thankfully, I've been pretty good about spotting good people v. haters!

Now to all my fab girls, let me see your hands. Wave them at those bitches hating on you with their friends. Girl, you got it! Ok, sorry, I had to quote Drake! I say just do your thing baby girl! Eff the haters. They live nothing but miserable lives. They'll grow old with 50 cats living in Utah anyways. On a serious note, with this being said, let's kick off the weekend with nothing but #GOODVIBES!


*drops the mic*