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new year, better me


new year, better me

Baddie Dae

hey friends! sorry i've been off the grid for a few months now. life's been a little cray cray but i'm back! i hope y'all had a fantastic christmas/ holiday/ hannukah/ whatever you celebrate! ok, look, 2017 is only a few days away so i thought i'd list my main goals for next year to share with you all! here we go...


1. save, save, SAVE

it's so good that i live with brian, who is quite frugal but that's a great thing! otherwise, if his spending habits are as bad as mine then we'd both be broke. i seriously spend so much money on unnecessary b.s. the worst part is, i've always had ever since my parents and i were back in the philippines. i remember getting money for my birthday or something and i went to a local bodega store and they didn't have the gum i wanted so i bought this nasty candy just to buy something. it's really bad! ps: i currently have a tab open for this gucci bag i've been eyeing. i guess i won't be buying that anytime soon then! i have enough clothes, shoes, bags, accessories to last me for 10 years!


2. eat better

photo: shuttershock

photo: shuttershock

so typical, i know! but eating better is definitely a major goal this year. i kid you not, i eat everything in sight and that's been happening more lately. yeah, yeah, i know it's the holidays but i can't and refuse to use that as an excuse. the real reason is that i'm just a certified fatass and guess what, i don't care and i admit it! i love food, all kinds of food especially chocolate! i can never ever refuse chocolate. my manager would always bring fun sized chocolate and leave a big ass bowl in our break room, guess who eats at least 40% of them! *raises hand* want to talk about my spending habits when it comes to eating out? maybe let's not. i actually can totally feel the difference when i eat crappy v. when i eat healthier. when i consume crap, i just feel heavier and sluggish. i'm not going to stop eating "bad" food. instead, i will just watch more of what i consume and not go overboard and definitely make better choices!   


3. run more (again)

photo by:    josh campbell

photo by: josh campbell

again, so typical.. i know! look, i used to love running until it became a job and i wasn't running for myself anymore. i did start to run more again lately so i'm trying to gain back my love for it. it used to excite me so much that there was a point when i would run in the morning and again at night. one of the things i used to enjoy doing when i would go for a run was give a high five to a random runner that i would run by. also, i felt like a badass for some reason especially when i would run in the rain! sure there were days when i just didn't feel like running but i forced myself to get out there and the feeling after is just so rewarding. i used to log in at least 100 miles a month and i plan on getting back on that this year!


4. stay consistent

photo from    bleeding cool

photo from bleeding cool

this kind of combines my 2nd and 3rd goals. i can be inconsistent with a lot of things. i mean look at this, i wasn't blogging for a few months which was kinda bad. i started my blog as a project for myself and something to look forward to doing for me and then i stopped for a couple of months. even my parents were asking why i haven't posted anything.

i'm most inconsistent with my workouts and my weight. my weight goes up and down like the tower of terror in disney world, which by the way, they're turning into a guardians of the galaxy ride. right now, as i'm typing this blog, i'm currently at 147lbs and i have more rolls to offer than bertucci's and i'm not lying either, like would you like extra butter with that?! anyway, the thing about me is that i'd hit  point when my clothes are getting tighter and the ultimate reality check is my mother. once she tells me that i'm gaining weight, then that's when i start going h.a.m. (hard as a motherf*cker) at the gym or my runs. also, just a side note, my mom is not one of those cruel moms that would watch what i eat for me and tell me when to stop eating. i do appreciate her telling me, though, when i get fluffy. however, once i start getting my sexy back, then i slowly stop eating healthier and working out as much. so for 2017, i'm going to stay consistent with working out and eating better.


5. be more patient

photo by   nicole

photo by nicole

i'm nice to everyone i meet, like i really am and i'm not trying to gas myself. however, it doesn't take much to tick me off. i just don't have the patience for anything/anyone when it comes to things i think are unnecessary. i work retail and i truly love my job but believe me when i tell you, i've seen and dealt with all kinds of people! sometimes they're easy, breezy and sometimes i want to jump over our bar counter and... you can just imagine the rest. i especially want to be more patient with my parents and brian! they've been so amazing to me and give me what i want and often times i find myself bitchy to them sometimes for even no reason at all. i'm truly just a brat. so i'm going to try to change that!


6. be kinder

photo by    nicole

photo by nicole

everyone can always be kinder to one another. i admit, i can be such a HUGE bitch for no reason. i tend to judge people, especially by their shoes. i give people dirty looks. i can be a hater lol! but now that i'm getting older, i need to be more wiser and just be kinder to everyone. after all, we don't know what others are going through. they could be having a bad day so the least we could do is be kind! 


so i guess i can be inconsistent, spend money, eat crappy, not run and be impatient and mean until january 1st, right?! just kidding! bring on 2017! i truly am ready to tackle with coming year and make it one of the best year yet. after all, i am turning 30 years "young" this year. yikes. that might be for another blog post! 'til next time, friends! see ya next year!