recycle studio

many of you folks know me as a runner. but since i left my pacing gig at nike, i've been cross training more and doing different kinds of workout. my fitness journey started off with weight lifting so i'm back at it with that among other things. i'm still in the process of finishing up my boxfiit certification with everybody fights, life has just been a little cray cray!

 photo courtesy of recycle studio's instagram page

photo courtesy of recycle studio's instagram page

when it comes to spinning, it's like a love/hate relationship for me. i've been used to running outside and having sites to see that sitting on a stationary bike for 45mins to an hour can get boring to me. a couple of weeks ago, myself, amy and crista took a class at recycle studio. recycle studio is boston's first indoor cycling studio. it's actually the only cycling studio i prefer to go to. 

we took heather's 6am class and getting out of bed on my day off was tough! but she was super upbeat and had so much energy! her playlist kept me going and her routine was intense enough to wake everyone up. the room was dark and i was totally fine with that since i definitely was not coordinating with some of heather's routine! also, it didn't make me fall asleep at all. maybe a few yawns here and there for the first 15 mins but i was so awake after that. 

they obvi get 5 baddie stars from me and it's not because i'm friends with amy, who's a friend and one of their desk divas or erin, one of the instructors. it's because the vibe there is just great. the interior is super clean, crisp and cozy and their bathroom is super clean! definitely check them out. they have a studio on newbury st and in the south end!