run hills now

every time i run this route on beacon hill, i always get nervous and i'm not sure why. ok, i do know why, running up hills scare the shit out of me for some reason. it truly is a love/hate relationship when it comes to running hills, or running in general. however, the benefits are endless and here are some of them:

increase speed 

science, people! running uphill means gravity, which adds resistance to your run. this forces your legs to go to work. this is why it's so tough but stronger legs mean faster speed. 


builds endurance

running on an incline naturally increases your heart rate, which builds stamina. with a few weeks on training hills, running on a flatter surface will be a breeze!


not your average leg day

doing leg workouts in the gym can be boring. i do appreciate the benefits of squatting and doing lunges but running uphills is more refreshing and you can change your scenery whenever you want.


ms. (/mr.) new booty

who doesn't want a nice derrière?! enough said.


so start adding hills into your workout routine and reap the benefits!


 top, pants:   tracksmith  ,   shoes: nike  photos by:    danyson tavares

top, pants: tracksmithshoes: nike

photos by: danyson tavares