soulcycle: first timer

a couple of weeks ago i received an e-mail from a blogger, chelsea. i have never met her but she invited me, along with a few other bloggers, to ride with her at soulcycle. i have never been so i thought this would be a great opportunity for me to go and also to meet with other local bloggers. to be honest, i thought it was just going to be another spin class and typically i get bored being stationary after like 10 minutes, especially when it comes to working out. but i have to say, this was a great start to my morning!

founded in 2006, soulcycle is a new york based spin studio that emphasizes on literally riding to the beat of the music. our instructor this morning was leah and boy, was she on another level! lots of hair whipping and booty shakin' from this gal! but let me tell you, she's beyond amazing at what she does! i can't rave enough about her and will for sure make sure to take her class again next time i go.

one of the things that leah said this morning that really got to me was, "you are the ceo of your life, so be a boss!" which is true! so i put my head up high and rode that bike a mutha effin' boss! she was truly inspirational and motivational that's nothing but pure genuine. from start to finish, she kept the energy up. her playlist was upbeat and made me want to dance, and i don't even have alcohol in my system! aside from moving our legs, we also did push-ups and one long ass song dedicated to upper body workouts. bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, shoulder presses, lots of pulses with 2 pound weights. 2 pounds have never felt heavier!

i would just like to thank to chelsea for the invite and the sweet swag bag! it probably would have taken me awhile to try soulcycle out have you not invited me today! needless to say, i will definitely be back again!