sunDae bRUNch club

sunDae bRUNch club is my baby! I hold a run session every Sunday at 12:15pm beginning at the Starbucks on Beacon Hill in Boston (on the corner of Beacon Street and Charles Street). It's an all girls run club that I started late December. We run the streets of Beacon Hill, up and down, one street onto the next, 10 streets of hills, totaling approximately 3.5 miles. Following the run is a social brunch at a nearby cafe or restaurant. It’s a great way to integrate exercise, great eats, and bonding with other women.

My friend Amy Lynn showed me the route 2 summers ago and I've been hooked ever since. Back then, I was at the peak of my obsession with running and I would run 7 days a week, two times a day, about 2-3 times a week. I would run this route every Sunday. Running hills are brutal, but when I threw this run in with my weekly running routine, it for sure helped me become a stronger and faster runner. Not to mention the fact that it made my legs toner and lifted up my tush!

I ran this route again with Cece sometime in late December and I had the idea to begin the run club. I hadn't heard of any women only run clubs in Boston, so I figured “why not?!”. Women want to have toner glutes and legs. Girls also LOVE Sunday brunch, or at least I know I do. So, I thought it would be a cute project - just a bunch of women running hills and then stuffing our faces with overpriced scrambled eggs and pancakes that I totally could make at home (by that, I mean something Brian can totally make!).

All paces are welcome, whether you're new to running or have ran 10 marathons. Everyone's welcome! My runners are a great group of women that I've met through my running journey, so we have fun and inspire one another. It's kind of rare to see that now-a-days – we’re so used to the “mean girl” business, with groups of girls automatically being catty and petty for no reason. None of that in my club or I'll give you the boot!

I look forward to Sundays for this (ok ok, and the brunch part too). I actually get so much teasing from my guy friends, telling me that my girl club is sexist! Sorry (not sorry) boys, but #girlsrule! Maybe I'll have one session a month where the ladies can bring their significant others, but that would be somewhere in the future. For now, GIRL POWER!