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surfin' baddie #beatryathletecontest


surfin' baddie #beatryathletecontest

Baddie Dae

Sponsored Post Disclosure: I am a proud spokesperson for The Coca-Cola Company in connection with vitaminwater and the “Be a tryathlete” program.

Last weekend, I joined Brian and his family on their annual trip to York, Maine. The town is super cute and has the feel of the average American beach town. It rained the first couple of days, but thankfully cleared up for the last two we were there. Brian and I got to go running by the ocean in the mornings while the streets were quiet and the sound of waves crashing was extremely calming. Our time there was filled with lots of window shopping, coffees, delicious dinners and TOO much ice cream.

On our last day, the sun finally decided to come out! We hit the beach and got some sun (after our morning routine of running of course). I totally forgot to put suntan lotion on, so I'm pretty red like a lobster right now. The beach was crowded and I'm sure everyone must have had major cabin fever from the rain. There were folks sun bathing, kids running around with their boogie boards, guys playing football and tons of people in the water paddle boarding and surfing.

Trying new things can be pretty scary, but also a lot of fun. I think it's always a great idea to always push yourself! vitaminwater encouraged me to try something new and out of my comfort zone with their #beaTRYathlete contest. So, I decided to have Brian's sister's boyfriend, Ken, teach me how to surf, something that is definitely out of my comfort zone. After a little encouragement, I went to the local surf shop and rented a surfboard and a wet suit – no turning back!

Ken showed me techniques on how to bring the board further out into the ocean without getting hit in the face when the waves came. He said to put weight on the back of the board (he calls it the butt) to tip the board up and to control it by palming down the middle whenever we pass through the waves. When we got far enough out, I laid flat on my stomach as we waited for the waves to come. He told me to paddle with my hands until I couldn’t paddle anymore and pop up with my right knee first.

Let me tell you, it was hard! I definitely fell into the water a few times, but after more than a few attempts I got up to my knees, WOOHOO! For the most part, I was just body surfing, but hey, it was my first time. And I gave it a try. Even getting up on my knees was a win in my book.

It's second nature for everyone to just stick to what they know, all inside the comfort and familiarity zone. Recently, when it comes to fitness, I’ve gotten into the routine of just going to the gym, lifting weights, and if I want to do something outdoorsy, I run. Trying out surfing was super fun and walking in and out of the water was actually a great workout. If it hadn't been for vitaminwater and the #beatryathletecontest, I don’t think I would have even tried. I also think it's good for the soul to try something that you've never even thought of doing, and to ask yourself, “what if?” What if I did something new, and wasn’t afraid to try?

Be a tryathlete yourself and share video/photo content of your experiences with @vitaminwater and #beatryathletecontest for the chance to win some awesome prizes. To see all of the rules go to

Next, I think I'm going to go try one of those pilates classes with the reformer machines. With a shine vitaminwater zero, of course – one of my faves! Hopefully that will make me “shine” during class!

Until next time gang! Ta ta for now!