the boiled egg diet: week 1 update

hey friends,

with week 1 of the "boiled egg diet" behind me, i'm stoked to say that i dropped 7lbs! keep in mind that i started the diet last tuesday so i'm 6 days in. i followed most of the menu, except on certain on days. this past tuesday, juice press opened up a new location in the back bay and had an opening bash that i was invited to. instead of having 2 eggs, an orange and salad for dinner, i had juice samples, a cup of pureed cauliflower soup and a few vegetarian sushi. i wasn't too hard on myself with that because of the fact that i looked at it as me still eating fresh, clean and healthy stuff.

yesterday, though, i did have a cheat day. i ate my recommended 2 hard boiled eggs and a citrus fruit for breakfast after the gym but for lunch and dinner were a different story. it was brian's grandma's 90th birthday party that was held in a restaurant in watertown. i had 2 french martinis, a few glasses of water and a bowl of salad and a steak tip plate with rice pilaf and a side of steamed zucchini. again, i wasn't too hard on myself because i was proud of the fact that i followed my diet all throughout the week!

 i didn't workout as much as i normally would because i knew that i was consuming less calories and not enough to fuel my body. i worked out 4x out of the 7 days:

monday: 45min on the elliptical

tuesday: light upper body weight training

wednesday: off

thursday: off

friday: stadium run in harvard stadium

saturday: off

sunday: 45min on the elliptical, 15min abs

the menu that i'm following doesn't give me an option for snacks in between meals. i made it a point to eat a protein bar between breakfast and lunch and a juice or green iced tea between lunch and dinner. i definitely stuck to the recommended 6-8 glasses of water a day and no fast food. surprisingly, i wasn't craving any sugar or sweets. a co-worker of mine brought fresh, hot donuts from a local donut shop one day and i'm super proud to say that i didn't give in to temptation! *pats back*

let's see how week 2 goes!