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Unicorn: Acquired


Unicorn: Acquired

Baddie Dae

photo by josh campbell

photo by josh campbell

Hey friends,

A lot has happened since my last post. I know I was being a total negative Nancy about training and fundraising which was not cute at all! But I had to be honest with you guys. Well, it has been a week since I finished the mother effin' Boston Marathon!!! Guys, I finished! It took me a while, but I did it! WE did it! I went well above my goal, with all your help, and ran 26.3 miles to be exact in 70 degree weather!

It has been quite a journey and I'm actually kind of sad that it's over! As stressful as fundraising was, I had fun organizing these events that I put together and so thankful for friends and new friends who came out to support. When it came to training, I definitely didn't give it my best. But again, I crossed that finish line and that's all that mattered to me! 

Race day morning was filled with excitement and anxiety at the same time. Once we got to the Athlete's Village in Hopkinton, all I kept thinking about how many times would I have to pee. I sat down for the hour and a half that we had to wait for our starting time. Brian had worked on the starting line that day, so I was able to get a good luck kiss to get my run going. I crossed the starting line and here we go! 

I took slower than usual and took major control of my pace because I didn't want to over work my legs and get excited from the crowd and all the adrenaline. I didn't freak out as much because I thought of it as me just going out for another long (ass) run. I kept telling myself, "one mile at a time!" and I rewarded myself with Gu or shot blocks every 5 miles. I took gatorade and water at every single water stop. I poured water on my face, arms, core to keep cool. I ran into a friend, Gabby, at mile 5, which made me so happy. I have to say, it was emotional af for me out there on the course so anyone I saw that I know in the crowd made me cry! Mile 20, I tried so hard to get picture perfect ready because I know Josh was right there waiting for me. 6 more miles to go and it was the hardest and longest 6 miles ever. I stopped and walk a few times but once the Citgo sign was in sight, I was almost home baby! Of course my music died once I passed the Hotel Commonwealth so I took the crowd in and let them bring home.  

photo by josh campbell

photo by josh campbell

Right on Hereford, left on Boylston! (By the way, I'm getting chills right now as I type this.) I saw my parents and Yvette in the crowd right in front of the Hynes Convention Center and gave them the biggest hug and ugliest cry ever! I ran and ran and ran with chills all over my body! I hear Maria screaming at the top of her lungs with Marcy in the corner of the BPL. Gave them hugs and ran less than a block to the finish line. My baby waiting for me at the end. 

Everyone said there's no feeling like running the Boston Marathon. They were absolutely correct! I made my parents proud. I made Brian proud. My co-workers were texting me screenshots of their phones of while tracking me. My friends wishing me luck and congratulating me on my finish. The feeling of accomplishment was like no other.

My mother asked me afterwards if I would run Boston again and I had to think twice about it. I was hungry, I was tired and the last thing I wanted to think about was to run another marathon. Y'all saw the amount of stress that I went through with fundraising! It wasn't very healthy for me. Running it was the last thing I worried about because I knew I'd finish even if I had to crawl! But yes, I actually would want to run it again. It also made me fall in love with running all over again! It humbled me even more, it proved that hard work pays off. It made me grateful for the people around me that supported me and that there are still good people out there!

Guys, I'm a Boston Marathon Finisher!!!

I would like to give a special shoutout to my friends who donated their time to teach charity classes for us and to my friends in the food industry who donated post workout treats:

Booty by Brabants, Sweetgreen, Juice Press, Salon Capri, Besito Mexican, Broncore Fitness, Dig Inn, High Brew Coffee, Kick it by Eliza, Back Bay Social Club, Dave Bergeron for EBF, Seacoast Sweets, Tasty Burger, Bai drinks, by Chloe. 

Until next time!