#wellnesswednesday at the kimpton hotel marlowe

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of checking out one of the Kimpton Hotel Marlowe's Wellness Wednesday Workout Series. The Kimpton prioritizes not only their guests' wellness, but also the community, so when they piloted their Wellness Wednesday Workout Series Event this year they made it open it to the public.

They've partnered up with fitness experts as Cambridge Athletic Club, Community RowingYogaByCandace and Public Body - Boston. The classes are only $10 and 100% will go to the Charles River Conservancy. Not only are you getting a workout in, but you're also doing it for a cause. It's also way more affordable than any other workout classes out there!

Yesterday's workout? Rowing with Community Rowing! I was so excited when Greg, from the Kimpton, invited me to the event. I usually row for 10minutes at the gym to warm up but have never taken a class. 

Steph and Jasper were our coaches and they made the class fun! We started off with Steph teaching us the basics and form. The workout was as listed below. We did 4 different rounds, each being a total of 6 minutes per. Each round, we did 3 minutes on at the labeled "S/M" which means stroke per minute, found on either the bottom or top right of the pedometer. Then we went to 2 minutes on on a faster stroke and 1 minute on a faster, faster stroke and break! 

Following the class, we were treated with refreshments. The cocktail was perfect for the humid weather and really quenched my thirst after the workout. I may or may not have had 3 drinks!

I think after NYC Marathon, I'm going to try to get more into rowing. I fell in love after yesterday's class and will be checking out Community Rowing's studio in Watertown.

For more info and to sign up for any of the Kimpton Hotel Marlowe's remaining workout classes click here.